March 24, 2022

Like A Girl IPA Supports Women in the Brewing Industry

Third Space Brewing will donate proceeds from Like A Girl IPA, created and brewed by its female brewers, to the Pink Boots Society.

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – March 25, 2021 – At 2:00 P.M., March 25th, Third Space Brewing will release Like A Girl IPA at its tap room at 1505 W. St. Paul Avenue in the Menomonee River Valley. The beer is a collaboration between the female brewers at Third Space Brewing, the Pink Boots Society, Malteurop, and Yakima Chief Hops.

Third Space Brewing will donate a portion of proceeds from sales of Like A Girl to the Wisconsin Chapter of the Pink Boots Society to help provide scholarships, educational opportunities, and other services to the amazing women who call Wisconsin’s beer industry their home.

On International Women’s Day (March 8th), Third Space Brewing’s female brew team of Sam Danen and Amy Rohrschneider brewed Like A Girl with members of the Wisconsin Pink Boots Society and other female employees of Third Space Brewing and Malteurop.

2022 is the second year Third Space Brewing has released Like A Girl IPA. The project was created by the female brewing team in 2021 to great excitement from the beer community as customers lined up on the release day to purchase 4-packs of Like A Girl, knowing a portion of proceeds were going to support women in brewing. Third Space Brewing donated $4,000 in proceeds from Like A Girl sales in 2021 to the Wisconsin Pink Boots Society and hopes to raise a similar amount in 2022.

Danen and Rohrschneider tweaked the 2022 Like A Girl IPA recipe to showcase the aromas of citrus, sweet aromatics and berry in the 2022 Pink Boots Hop Blend, a special blend created by Yakima Chief Hops especially for Pink Boots Society and the Collaboration Brew Day.

The beer will be available both on tap and in 4-packs of 16oz cans at the brewery starting March 25. A small quantity of the beer will also reach distribution at select retailers in the coming weeks. Both female brewers will be on hand today for a special release day event with the group Barley’s Angels of Milwaukee, another group of women connected to the beer industry. Barley’s Angels is a social organization committed to involving women in the education and enjoyment of craft beer.

The Like A Girl project has been led Samantha Danen, who was also recently elected as the chairperson for the Wisconsin Chapter of the Pink Boots Society. The goal of the project is to highlight the roles strong women fill in every aspect of the beer business and to raise funds to help more women pursue a career in this traditionally male-dominated industry. The project is part of Pink Boots Society’s Collaboration Brew Day, in which breweries across the country brewed beers to honor International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.  The team at Malteurop stepped in this year to donate 100% of the malt for Like A Girl to help further the amount Third Space can donate to Pink Boots Society.

According to Danen, “this Collaboration Brew Day is a great example of how incredible things happen when women support each other.  Not only is it a day for celebration, but a day of raising the profile of women’s roles in the beer industry.  My hope is that days like these serve as an inspiration for future generations of girls, and really instill a sense of belonging for women who are passionate about beer.”

To learn more about Barley’s Angels, Pink Boots Society, or the Like a Girl Project, join Third Space Brewing at the release party and check out the beer release event page on facebook here.