December 30, 2021

Nice Day IPA

Every one loves to “Have a Nice Day” right?

Say hello to Nice Day IPA. This juicy 6.8% IPA is brewed with a mix of traditional and Cryo hops that evoke tropical aromas of mango and passionfruit with juicy grapefruit notes on the finish.

So why Nice Day? While our top priority is making high-quality beer, many of our products are also inspired by that special place where you feel the most comfortable….your Third Space. Something that brings you to your Happy Place, a memory of a vacation to your Summer Home that brought back memories of joy, or even a sporting event that had you yelling ‘Light It Up!’ which still gets your blood flowing. In this case, we wanted to evoke kindness and good vibes and invite people to ‘Have a Nice Day’ and ‘Share a Nice Day’ with friends!

Nice Day IPA not only fits well within the Third Space brand message, but it also fits with the brewery’s brewing philosophy to brew flavorful yet balanced beers while constantly looking to innovate to fill gaps in the craft beer marketplace.  

Third Space launched in 2016 with two innovative hoppy beers in its Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale and Upward Spiral IPA. Both of those beers are known for using hops in ways that bring out their fruit-forward flavors and aromas with a clean and balanced bitterness.

Third Space has continued to innovate over the years, using new hop products and techniques to explore a wide range of hop flavors and aromas while keeping a focus on crafting balanced beers. In 2021, Third Space launched its first year-round hazy IPA, Heavenly Haze, after a year of dialing in the use of Cryo Hops to create a more balanced version of this popular new beer style. Beers like Juice Fix and the Fun Times series are other examples of the brewery’s creative use of hops to craft flavorful yet balanced hoppy beers.

For 2022, Third Space will unveil its next innovation in the form of Nice Day IPA, a beer that we believe will fill a current gap in the marketplace for IPA drinkers. Nice Day IPA creates a perfect harmony for beer lovers who want the juicy, tropical notes of a New England IPA but also want some of the more balanced characteristics of a traditional IPA. Picture your favorite hazy IPA and your favorite west coast style IPA combined into one juicy package, that’s Nice Day IPA.

We don’t see the hazy craze going anywhere and we will continue to satiate hazy IPA lovers with Heavenly Haze and some other new hazies in our specialty IPA series in 2022, but we wanted to create a new beer this year for those drinkers looking for an even more balanced and drinkable IPA.

To get further explanation on the importance we place on innovation here at the brewery we visited with our Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Kevin Wright : “we are always looking for new ways to deliver flavor and balance to our customers whether it be through new beer developments or continual improvement to our existing beers. In 2018 we installed a commercial grade pilot system which has allowed us to learn quite a bit as we develop new beers for the market like Nice Day IPA.” Indeed, Third Space employs its pilot system regularly, releasing tap room only beers every few weeks from its Beers About Nothing Innovation Series. 

Nice Day IPA releases in the taproom on December 31. In honor of the release, we will be running a “Have a Nice Day, Share a Nice Day” promotion for a limited time, giving all guests who purchase a pint of the new Juicy IPA, a coupon for a free Nice Day IPA to gift to a friend for redemption during the month of January.

We will also be selling 6-packs of Nice Day IPA and Nice Day IPA T-shirts at the taproom while supplies last.  Nice Day IPA will start hitting store shelves and tap lines throughout the state of Wisconsin the first week of January 2022.