June 17, 2019

June 21st Is The Happiest Day Of The Year

Is there anything better than drinking a fresh craft beer? On Friday June 21st you will have the opportunity to find out as we tap kegs of Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale that will have been kegged hours earlier. This will be the freshest beer you may ever consume.

Our brewing team will arrive at Third Space the morning of June 21st before the sun comes up to keg a fresh batch of Happy Place. Our distributor will pick the beer up before dawn and deliver it to thirty six locations across the Milwaukee and Madison areas.

Bars and restaurants will be tapping these fresh kegs as soon as they arrive. See the list below and pick out your favorite watering hole or two to drink fresh Happy Place in on Friday. Stay tuned to social media to see when each location taps their keg and follow the Third Space Instagram story to see where our team is drinking fresh Happy Place throughout the day.

We will be traveling around Milwaukee in the Happy Mobile, a giant RV filled with Happy Place lovers. If you find our team, ask for an entry form to win a Happy Place T-shirt or tank top. Check them out below!


Where Can I Drink Fresh Happy Place?

The following locations will be tapping fresh kegs of Happy Place on the Happiest Day of the Year – Friday June 21st. We will also be pouring Same Day Happy Place at our taproom and beer garden at 1505 W. St. Paul Avenue in Milwaukee.

* ABV Social
* The Backyard Bay View
* Blackbird Bar
* Bennos Genuine Bar and Grill
* The Brass Ring (Madison)
* Camp Bar Shorewood
* Camp Bar Third Ward
* Camp Bar Tosa
* Champps Brookfield
* County Clare Irish Pub
* Draft & Vessel
* Dexter’s Pub (Madison)
* DOC’s Commerce Smokehouse
* Franksville Craft Beer Garden
* Fuel Cafe 5th St.
* Growlers to Go-Go (Madison)
* The Hale House
* Miller Time Pub & Grill
* Harpoon Willie’s
* Hot Head Fried Chicken
* J&B’s Blue Ribbon Bar and Grill
* Jordan’s Big 10 Pub (Madison)
* O’Donoghue’s Irish Pub
* O’Sullivan’s Public House
* Point After Pub & Grill
* Puddler’s Hall
* Ray’s Growler Gallery
* The Saloon on Calhoun
* Scaffidi’s Hideout
* Stilt House
* The Brass Tap – Greenfield
* Three Lions Pub
* Tomken’s Bar & Grill
* Up-Down Milwaukee
* Wolski’s Tavern


Why June 21st?

June 21st is the first official day of summer and the longest day of the year. We couldn’t think of a better day to crown the Happiest Day of the Year. Even better yet, June 21st falls on a Friday this year so it’s a perfect day to head to your favorite “Third Space” around town to enjoy some fresh craft beer. Expect us to do this event every year on June 21st, The Happiest Day of the Year!


Why Freshness Matters

More and more beer consumers are recognizing how much better beer tastes when it is fresh. Over time, beer will react with external elements like oxygen that can affect its flavor. No package for beer can perfectly protect it from slowly loosing its Brewmaster-intended flavor over time. Hoppy beers are especially susceptible to changes in flavor as the bright hop notes slowly die off as beers get older. Storing beer cold can help preserve some flavors. Breweries can also invest in packaging technology to better insure quality over time in their packaged beers.

At Third Space we have invested heavily in packaging equipment and testing equipment like a Dissolved Oxygen meter and can seam testing technology to improve the longevity of our packaged beers on shelves. We also date stamp every package of beer that leaves our brewery. Date stamping allows consumers the opportunity to check freshness before purchasing. When stored cold, our hoppy beers are shelf stable for up to four months and our maltier beers stay fresh even longer than that.

That said, the fresher you drink it the better, and it can’t get any fresher than beer kegged the same day you drink it. Join us for The Happiest Day of the Year to see what we are talking about! Cheers!