June 30, 2016 Justin Williams  fox6now.com

“I love it:” Now open, Kimpton Journeyman is first hotel in Milwaukee’s Third Ward

Milwaukee Thursday, June 30th featured not a ribbon cutting — but a “hops vine cutting.”

The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel is located on Chicago Street near Milwaukee Street in the Third Ward.

A large vine of hops was cut as officials celebrated Milwaukee’s newest hotel.

“Milwaukee was a neighborhood we needed to be in. It was a city that has so much potential,” Ron Vlasic, VP of Kimpton Hotels said.

The “Journeyman” is now the Third Ward’s first hotel.

“We love to be able to come in and set the path and create something new and unique and more than anything, I think that it’ll inspire other hoteliers to kinda look at us and say ‘hey, it’s cool what they’ve done in Milwaukee. Let’s add on,'” Vlasic said.

Billed as chic but approachable, the Journeyman occupies what was previously a parking lot at the corner of East Chicago and North Broadway.

“It was a no-brainer to come down to Kimpton,” Nate Morton said.

Morton, a frequent traveler, was among the Journeyman’s first guests.

“It’s clean. It’s fresh. Everybody’s super happy. Everything’s new. I mean, I love it. I’ll be coming to Milwaukee a lot more now because Kimpton’s here,” Morton said.

In an effort for Kimpton Journeyman officials to begin bonding with other Milwaukee businesses, the grand opening celebration included the first public sampling of Third Space Brewery’s newest beer.

“The name of the beer is ‘Happy Place,’ and we hope that this is a happy place, and that people really enjoy their time with us,” Patrick Gaskin, general manager of the Journeyman said.

The hotel boasts 158 rooms, ranging in price from $299/night up to $1,500/night for the presidential suite.

As for the cost of the view from the balcony? You can put your own number on that one.