Tap Room COVID Safety Plan

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously. To re-open our tap room safely for both our guests and our staff, we have made several changes to our procedures. If you plan to join us, please read below and please follow our new customer guidelines. If you are not yet ready to venture out, please continue to use our contactless Curbside Pickup. Together we can keep each other safe and create a fun environment to enjoy great craft beer at the source.

Key Features

  • Masks required for staff and customers (when not seated at your table).
  • Groups are limited to 6 people per table. Please do not linger away from your table.
  • Please do not join us if you are sick in any way. Our staff will not either.
  • Please maintain 6ft from our staff and other guests.
  • We will sanitize everything regularly including all tables in between guests.
  • We now have contactless ordering and contactless restrooms.

Our Commitment to You

  • We have implemented strict guidelines to ensure our staff will not be serving you if they are sick or have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Third Space team members will wear masks at all times and gloves when appropriate.
  • Third Space team members will wash hand regularly.
  • Third Space team members will maintain 6 feet of distance between customers and other staff members whenever possible.
  • We have added Tap Room Support staff to our team to focus on the cleanliness of our tap room and beer garden.
  • We will clean and sanitize all tables and chairs in between guests.
  • We will thoroughly clean and sanitize our tap room and beer garden throughout the day and have the tap room professionally cleaned by a third party at the start of each week.

Your Commitment to Us

To create a safe and fun environment for all we will need your help. Please follow these guidelines in our tap room and beer garden.
  • Please do not visit us at this time if you were recently exposed to COVID-19 or are feeling sick (fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.).
  • Before ordering beer, please find an open clean table to make sure we are not yet at capacity. If there are no open tables or if our staff informs you that we are at capacity, please wait in a socially distanced line outside our tap room/beer garden.
  • To help our process, feel free to turn your green block to red when you sit down or when you leave.
  • Please maintain 6ft from fellow guests and staff.
  • Please wear a mask that properly covers your nose and mouth while on our property unless you are sitting at your table. We will provide you with a disposable mask if you forget yours.
  • Please do not move any tables or chairs. Parties are limited to 6 people.
  • Please remain at your table unless going to the bathroom, ordering, or picking up beer.
  • Please do not linger in other areas, including at the bar or near other customers.
  • Restrooms will be limited to one guest at a time. Please wait in a socially distanced line outside the restroom or at your table.
  • Please understand that we will do everything we can to create a clean, safe, and fun environment at Third Space Brewing but there is still a risk that you may contract COVID-19 while on our premises. If you have concerns or underlying health conditions, we recommend you enjoy our beer through Curbside Pickup at this time.

Some Additional Changes

  • We have added plastic barriers to our bar top to separate staff and guests.
  • We have removed tables and separated remaining tables to at least 6 feet apart.
  • Children are permitted but they must remain with parents/guardians at all times and must remain seated at tables. No running around playing please.
  • Dogs will be permitted in the beer garden but must be leashed and well behaved. We ask guests not to congregate around or play with other people's dogs.
  • We have temporarily removed all food items that require any staff preparation but will have some pre-packaged snacks available.
  • Carry-in food is permitted but we have also removed our 2nd Kitchen kiosk for food delivery.
  • Communal water stations have been removed. We ask guests to bring your own water but we will also have bottled water available for purchase.
  • We will continue to use washable glassware because our glass washer is rated for proper sanitation. Customers may request plastic if it is preferred.
  • We will not be filling personal growlers at this time but will accept exchanges of Third Space Brewing logo'd or blank amber growlers purchased from us. You may also purchase a new growler for $5.
  • All leagues and events have been temporarily postponed.
  • We have temporarily removed all games (bags, board games, kids' toys).
  • Our beer menu is available online at shopthirdspace.com and single use paper menus will also be available.
  • We have made our restroom sinks, urinals, soap, towel dispensers and doors contactless.
  • We ask that guests leave our family restroom open for staff only at this time so that our staff have access to frequent hand washing.
  • If you have any further questions or concerns, please email us at taproom@thirdspacebrewing.com or call 414-909-2337.

New Ordering Procedures

Guests have 2 options for ordering beer
  1. Contactless Mobile Ordering

    • Find an open/clean table.
    • Scan the QR code at your table by opening your camera app and hovering it over the code. Or open a web browser and go to shopthirdspace.com
    • Select the Tap Room Ordering Tab.
    • Place your order and make your payment. Please consider adding a gratuity for our hard-working team. A default 20% gratuity will be added but you are welcome to make your own gratuity decisions.
    • Please select text message notifications when checking out.
    • Once your order is ready you will receive a text message or an email (if you did not select text notifications).
    • After you receive a confirmation please come to the left side of our bar. It will be labeled Contactless Order Pickup. Show your ID to our staff and they will direct you to your order on the bar.
    • Please take your beers and return to your table to enjoy!
  2. In-Person Socially Distanced Ordering

    • Find an open/clean table first.
    • Then enter our tap room at the green door and wait in line to order at the bar. Please maintain 6ft in line and do not enter if the line is already full or if there are no open tables.
    • No cash will be accepted at this time.
    • A single-use menu station will be available. Please keep your menu as a souvenir or dispose of it on your way out. You may also view our menu at shopthirdspace.com
    • Place your order with our order taker who will communicate it to a separate bartender. Insert your credit card into our reader and sign on the screen with your finger. We will sanitize the screen and card reader between all guests.
    • After ordering, continue down the bar to pick up your order from the bartender.
    • Please take your beers and return to your table to enjoy!

Current Hours

Tap Room and Curbside Pick Up Hours

Wednesday 4-9 PM Thursday 4-9 PM Friday 2-10 PM Saturday 12-10 PM Sunday 12-7 PM