December 18, 2023

Coming 2024: Third Space Innovation Brewhouse

The “Third Space Innovation Brewhouse” will join the Brewery’s Flagship Milwaukee Taproom and Seasonal Elm Grove Beer Garden as a New Year-Round Location. 

Third Space Brewing has officially announced plans to open a new location at the corner of Good Hope Road and Appleton Ave in Menomonee Falls. The “Third Space Innovation Brewhouse” will join a new development that includes 173 apartment units and additional retail and restaurant spaces. The building will house a 10-barrel innovation brewery and a kitchen for food service. 

Founders Andy Gehl and Kevin Wright opened Third Space Brewing’s flagship brewery and taproom in Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley in September of 2016. The location has become a favorite “third space” for many Milwaukeeans, and the beers brewed within its walls, including Happy Place Midwest Pale Ale and Heavenly Haze Hazy IPA are now Wisconsin craft favorites. 

“We are really proud of the state-wide brand we have created, helping people find their Happy Place throughout Wisconsin, while creating a warm and welcoming ‘third space’ for people at our main brewery in Milwaukee’s Menomonee River Valley,” says Gehl. “Our current tap room has become well known as the place to be for big events like Wisconsin IPA Fest and Ice Bear Fest, and we have cultivated a great group of regulars who have made our tap room their own ‘third space’. However, we have always been more of a ‘destination brewery’ at our main location. Opening a 2nd location in the heart of where so many people live and work offers a great opportunity for a much larger group of people to connect with the Third Space Brewing brand while continuing to be the go to spot at the Milwaukee tap room for private parties, creative events, or a fresh Happy Place directly from the source.” 

The approximately 5,000 square foot space will include a 112 seat indoor taproom and a large covered outdoor patio, along with outdoor common areas with fire pits and other elements. Construction onsite has already begun, and the development timeline includes a grand opening goal of June 2024. 

Third Space is working with Three Sixty on the tap room design and will soon begin its search for new team members to fill open managerial, kitchen and taproom positions. The first phase of the project will focus on opening the taproom and restaurant portions, with the brewery to follow. 

Brewmaster Kevin Wright will oversee the brewing operations with a focus on innovation. Craft beer fans can expect to see on tap at the Innovation Brewhouse a slate of new beers and styles that they haven’t seen from Third Space in the past alongside some core Third Space beers like Happy Place. 

​​”We deliberately chose specialized equipment that expands our processing capabilities, allowing us to delve into more innovative beer styles than our current equipment and facility allow” says Wright. “As a 5-year Menomonee Falls resident, I’m thrilled to contribute to the community by introducing a new ‘third space’ into our shared experience.”