October 16, 2018 Kathy Flanigan  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Breweries roll out the barrel-aged beers in a wager over the Brewers and Dodgers

In a baseball bet between Milwaukee’s Third Space Brewing and a brewery in Southern California, the losing brewery will roll out the barrel-aged beers to the winner.

Kevin Wright, co-founder and brewmaster at Third Space Brewing, has challenged his former brewery, Hangar 24 in Redlands, Calif., over the outcome of the National League Championship Series between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

“When the series came up with the Brewers and Dodgers, we talked a little friendly trash and threw out a challenge,” Wright said.

On the line is the highly rated 2017 Nexus of the Universe, a Russian Imperial Stout aged in brandy and bourbon barrels from Third Space. Hangar 24, which is about an hour from Los Angeles, is wagering its Pugachev’s Cobra Imperial Stout with maple syrup and aged in bourbon barrels for eight months.

Nexus of the Universe is 12% ABV (alcohol by volume); Pugachev’s Cobra, named for a dramatic airplane maneuver, is 15% ABV.

If the Brewers win, Hangar 24 will ship a case of Pugachev’s Cobra to Third Space. And if — don’t say it — the Dodgers win, Third Space will send them a case of Nexus of the Universe.

Coincidentally, Wright was part of the team that originally created Pugachev’s Cobra. He also created Nexus of the Universe.